Staffing & Recruitment Service

We connect you with the right people.

CelticBlue specializes in focused staffing solutions. Our recruitment team is expert at matching the perfect candidates to the right jobs, understanding the exact requirements of a particular role. With competition high in the recruiting world today, every employer looks to hire the best from the talent pool. We recognize this outlook and therefore do not simply search for candidates from generic pools, but instead headhunt them to meet your specific needs.

Be it a startup or a large MNC, with our in-depth knowledge of employee management, we deliver every time.

“You don’t build a business, you build people, and then people build the business.”
~Zig Ziglar


Direct Hire Staffing

We intake your staffing requirement and fulfill them in the form of an FTE – Full-Time Employee. In this scenario, we handle all the hiring processes, allowing you to keep your focus on the business end of things.

We guarantee quick turnaround times in fulfilling the open positions, owing to our vast pool of top-quality candidates.


Retained Searches

When there are executive level positions to be filled, it often involves maintaining privacy and confidentiality. In such cases, we prioritize your requirement and agree to fulfill the position within a stipulated timeframe.

In return, you – the client, agree to partner exclusively with us on this recruitment drive and cease individual recruiting efforts for the job.

Find the best candidates for your company, fast.