About Us

Creative. Passionate. Pioneering. Your trusted partner for all Software & Staffing solutions.

Our Story

At CelticBlue, we believe that our success is not based purely on the quality of work we provide, but also on our attitude, approach and the way we interact with our clients. We believe there is always a better way to build software, and our aim is to help our customers achieve that.

We are a complete IT solutions partner offering software development and digital services across the web, mobile, and cloud platforms. In addition to software services, we also specialize in recruitment and consulting services for companies at all levels of employment.

Our team at CelticBlue is passionate about collaborating with clients in building fully functional custom applications that are augmented with value-add features. We try our best to go beyond the norm and incorporate the best features that suit the formula of our client companies.

Our History

CelticBlue was shaped from an idea to create a provider that could easily address the common challenges faced in the software industry today. It is the brainchild of one woman, who gathered a talented pool of experienced individuals to create a company that would not only meet the basic needs of software development, but would go beyond that to anticipate issues and counter them before they arise.

CelticBlue has grown into a model workforce that has been churning out successful projects at a steady pace. The company recently added the mantle of staffing solutions provider to its shelf. With a strong set of recruitment professionals, we have built a stable client-base of global MNCs as well as tech startups, for whom we handle end-to-end staffing requirements.

Today, CelticBlue has a global reach, with offices in Minneapolis, MN and Chennai, India. We have a strong workforce that handles tasks round the clock, ensuring a consistently working system.

our mission statement

Our mission is to always meet and exceed our clients’ expectations, delivering solutions of the utmost quality and flair.

our business vision

Our vision is to become the premier software company, providing unique and cutting-edge solutions that make us a trusted partner for every customer.

Why you’ll love working with us

Unique solutions

Using the right technology platforms, our development team provides solutions tailored to your needs, thereby solving your unique business challenges.

Focus on building relationships

One of our primary goals is to build and retain a long-lasting relationship with our clients. As such, we strive to work with an open and honest approach, creating a strong bond with our clients.

Thorough Research

We believe in knowing everything about what we do and how to do it. Our research process is all about having a thorough understanding of your needs and them meeting them.

We build the perfect apps, your way

We inculcate your vision of the software into our work process, giving you exactly what you asked for, along with value additions to enhance them further.

Lower costs for quality work

While we focus on quality, we also understand the rising costs of building great software. We offer the lowest possible prices to suit the needs of every business type.

Positive Culture

We believe in always maintaining a can-do attitude. Our environment is success driven, motivating each team member towards giving their best.

We are always looking to expand our team with new talent.