Staffing Services

Our recruitment team at CelticBlue Technologies has deep understanding and insight into various staffing solutions that our client may need at any given point of time; this provides us with an edge over any other recruitment agencies as we are always prepared to serve with quality solutions in a very time efficient way.

This is a very competitive industry, where big or small firms are always competing to hire the best talent available in the market, with our insights and top-notch team, we do not just help you find any expertise, we are always striving to get you the best there is. Our team does not search for the talent; we headhunt them.  Our, very approach has helped us gain prestigious client like global MNC’S to Tech start-ups who trust us for delivering their staffing solutions.

Direct Hire Staffing Solutions

Direct Hire solutions operate when we take up your staffing need for fulltime employee and help hire a full-time employee. With direct hire, we will manage all the hiring details, so you and your core team can focus on other priorities in the business. Also, thanks to our robust candidate networks, you can gain faster access to higher quality candidates.

Retained Searches

These are often executive level searches, which require priority & confidentiality. In case of a retained search contract we commit to give a priority status to the requirement, and our team provided the solutions within the stipulated time with significant discretion. In exchange for this commitment, the client agrees to work exclusively with us, their retained search firm and cease their own recruiting efforts for the role.

Contingency Searches

With Contingency searches, we help our client with finding the right candidate for their open positions, and we get paid after they hire our candidate.  This is one of the most popular search contracts, and clients can find multiple sources of talent for their requirement for their open positions, though this can get very competitive with other recruitment firms involved, we are very confident in our abilities as we only believe in quality solutions, and this reduces our competition by half.

Contract Placement Services

Whether our client requires talent for interim short-term assignment or a long-term project, we at CelticBlue Technologies has the best talent available. Our client chooses the worker, but we retain them on our payroll and manages all the official paperwork involved with hiring. This helps our client in reducing their time and energies involved in pushing paperwork.

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