About Us

About CelticBlue

CelticBlue Technologies is a recruiting and Web Applications Development Firm with the office in Minneapolis.

Our recruitment team is catering staffing solutions for Information technology industry, infrastructure & telecom industry, Hi-tech industry, Silicon Valley tech start-ups. Our expert team of recruiters, headhunt, screen and help hire talent from entry level position to executive level positions from across the industries and verticals.

Great employees are the cornerstone of great and successful organizations, having the right mix of talent accessible for your company, can be a significant challenge at best of times.We at CelticBlue Technologies have taken up this challenge and our very goal is that we will make the laborious task of finding the right mix of human resources for an organization, a finger snap. We believe each organization has its own style, culture, ethics and practices and CeltiBlue Technologies strives to provide customized staffing solutions to all its partners, staffing solutions that fit with each individual organization’s needs.

Our Web Application development team creates and develops beautiful websites that are engaging, interactive, and user friendly. We are delivering next generation web applications to our clients across the platforms, with our expertise we are serving organizations across the industries, from hi-tech client to ecommerce portals, we are helping businesses to take their business online.

A website is a mirror of your business in the digital world, we at CelticBlue technologies are very passionate about giving our clients the exact solutions that will reflect their business online with great accuracy. We take pride in the fact that with our expertise we can help each of our clients by delivering customized digital solutions that are, bar one. We love collaborating with our clients and building them custom web apps that are fully functional and rich with useful features. Our very approach is to catch the pulse of each business we serve and deliver accurate customized solutions, which separates us from all the other typical web design companies out there..

Our Vision

  • To be a leader in creating and delivering revolutionary solutions and services that enables our clients
  • To be recognized as a go-to advisor for clients by building trust and delivering effective solutions
  • To be employer of choice by providing unparalleled work culture

Our Mission

We are a recruitment and web application development firm and we have only one mission and that is to become the industry leader, by delivering quality and customized solutions.

Why Choose Us

Industry experience

We are highly experienced professionals who have a consistent track record of performance and have deep insight into the industrial world.

Valuable Ideas
We have consistently delivered Valuable inputs for our client’s success. 
Excellent Timing

We value the time of our client and are committed to providing solutions within the set timeline.

Budget Friendly

We are dedicated toward furnishing quality solutions at the lowest prices.

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